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Sedation Specialist

Curtis Caskey, DMD -  - Periodontist

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Curtis Caskey, DMD

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If you’ve been avoiding the dentist’s office because of the anxiety it provokes, you might benefit from sedation dentistry. At Mississippi Periodontics and Implants in Ridgeland, Mississippi, Curtis Caskey, DMD, is committed to ensuring that none of his patients avoid necessary treatment because of stress or anxiety. If you’d like to learn more about ways to reduce your stress at the dentist’s office, get in touch with the team today by phone or online.

Sedation Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to a series of techniques designed to help you relax during your dental procedure. Sedation dentistry doesn’t put you under; it involves the administration of various medications that help with anxiety and stress.

There are multiple levels of sedation dentistry, and Dr. Caskey makes sure to discuss your specific concerns before recommending sedation.

What levels of sedation dentistry are available?

At Mississippi Periodontics and Implants, Dr. Caskey offers three levels of sedation depending on the complexity and length of your treatment:

Oral sedation

Oral sedation usually takes around an hour to take effect. Dr. Caskey gives you a pill that you’ll take before your procedure. The pill makes you drowsy and might induce sleep, though it won’t put you under. Since each person responds differently to oral medication, Dr. Caskey might recommend a different kind of sedation if he can’t predict your response. You should always arrange for someone to pick you up after the procedure.

Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation (laughing gas)

Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation is popular with children and young adults. Before starting your treatment, Dr. Caskey places a mask over your nose that delivers nitrous oxide for you to breathe in continuously through the procedure.

You should be able to resume your daily activities without needing assistance after your procedure.  

Intravenous sedation (IV)

Intravenous sedation is also very common and is often the most effective type of sedation. Dr. Caskey uses Midazolam, a medication that causes you to feel sleepy and relaxed before your procedure. You won’t be under general anesthesia, so you might require local anesthesia in the treatment area. You should arrange for someone to pick you up after the procedure.

When should I consider sedation dentistry?

Ask Dr. Caskey about sedation dentistry if you’ve been avoiding going to the dentist’s office because the mere idea of sitting in that chair gives you anxiety. You should never let your apprehensions prevent you from getting the treatment you need.

Dr. Caskey is here to reassure you and make sure you get the care you need most comfortably and safely.

Dr. Caskey also can recommend sedation dentistry if the treatment you’re due to receive lasts more than three hours. Sedation dentistry makes sure that you’re comfortable during this long period.

Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you. Find out more about the benefits of sedation dentistry by calling the office or by booking an appointment online.