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Esthetic Crown Lengthening Specialist

Curtis Caskey, DMD -  - Periodontist

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Curtis Caskey, DMD

Periodontist located in Ridgeland, MS

Has anyone ever told you that you have a gummy smile? At Mississippi Periodontics and Implants in Ridgeland, Mississippi, Curtis Caskey, DMD, offers high-quality cosmetic crown lengthening treatments to restore your natural smile and protect your gum line from exposure to gum disease. If you’re looking for an effective esthetic periodontal solution to excess gum tissue, schedule an appointment with Dr. Caskey today by phone or through the online booking tool.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening Q & A

What is esthetic crown lengthening?

Esthetic crown lengthening refers to a cosmetic periodontal surgical procedure that Dr. Caskey uses to fix esthetic issues relating to a gummy smile.

Dr. Caskey recontours your gum tissue to expose more of the tooth’s surface, effectively creating a natural and pleasing smile.

When would I need an esthetic crown lengthening procedure?

You might consider an esthetic crown lengthening procedure for a variety of cosmetic and restorative reasons, though in most cases restorative and cosmetic issues relating to your gums go hand in hand. Some reasons for getting esthetic crown lengthening procedure include:

Restoration of damaged teeth

If you’ve suffered from periodontal disease, it’s possible that some of your teeth have broken beneath the gum line. Dr. Caskey uses crown lengthening procedures to prepare the damaged area for a new restorative treatment.

Cosmetic concerns

If you have extra gum tissue surrounding your teeth, it can make your teeth look unusually short. Excess gum tissue also can increase your chances of contracting periodontal infections. Esthetic crown lengthening can successfully remove excess gum tissue and restore your natural smile.

Dental crowns

Dr. Caskey can recommend crown lengthening to create more space between the jawbone and the area where he plans to place dental crowns.

What happens during a crown lengthening procedure?

Before starting the crown lengthening procedure, Dr. Caskey gives you a local anesthetic to ensure utmost comfort.

When you’re numb enough not to feel a thing, he makes cuts in the gum tissue to push it away from the tooth. This exposes the root and the surrounding bone, effectively making your teeth look longer than they used to.

Dr. Caskey then sanitizes the area with sterile salt and stitches the gum back together. It will take your gum some time to heal before proceeding with any other periodontal procedure.

To help with recovery, you should eat soft foods, take pain relievers as needed, and rinse your mouth regularly.

What are the risks of crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening doesn’t pose many risks, though you might experience some bleeding immediately after the procedure. The bleeding should stop within a few hours, though if it continues for over 24 hours get in touch with Dr. Caskey immediately.

The treatment area might be more sensitive to hot and cold following the procedure. This sensitivity will fade within a few days.

Learn more about the cosmetic and functional benefits of esthetic crown lengthening. Book an appointment online or by phone today.