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Before and After


Patient 1 

Patient's Chief Complaints: Short teeth with a gummy smile and remaining baby teeth. 

Treatment: Removal of excess gum tissue along with the extraction of remaining baby teeth followed by immediate placement of dental implants.  Teeth were later restored with a combination of crowns and veneers. 

Patient 2

Patient's Chief Complaints: Recession with tooth sensitivity 

Treatment: Gum Graft

Patient 3

Patients Chief Complaints: Failed Root Canals and non-restorable teeth front teeth.

Treatment: Extraction of front teeth with immediate implant placement. Teeth were then restored with implant supported crowns

Patient 4

Patients Chief Complaints: Non-restorable teeth

Treatment: Dental implants were placed immediately following extraction of remaining teeth. This was followed by immediate fixation of the dental prosthesis to Implants.

Patient 5

Patient's Chief Complaints:  Gummy Smile 

Treatment: Removal of excessive gum tissue 

Patient 6

Patient's Chief Complaints: Tooth Sensitivity and unesthetic root exposure 

Treatment: Gum Graft

Patient 7

Patient's Chief Complaints: Unerupted tooth

Treatment: Laser removal of gum tissue covering tooth.  Pt was then seen by an orthodontist in order to move tooth into place. 


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